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Yin Yang You

How to have the perfect life... one day at a time.

If you had a choice between mastering your inner world and dominating your outer world - which would it be?
What if you didn't have to choose...? What if you could have both?

With LƬG's flagship course, you will learn the precise recipes to craft your perfect life, one day at a time. Over a 21-day habit facilitation period, you will be taken through three signature recipes for the AM, the Workday and the PM, via a step by step guided journey.

So whether you are at the start of your professional march but would like to *GROW* in the right, smart, holistic manner; or, are further along but feel a calling to balance your career climb with your inner evolution - you are at the right place.

Find out exactly how our journey together will unfold and all the details of enrolment here:

Studying at Home
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Meditations by Abhilasha Mohandas

"Minute by Minute, Breath by Breath, Return to Yourself.

I will show you How."

Drawing on both scientific and philosophical instruction - including Vedantic, Buddhist and Daoist teachings, this course is a composite of eclectically designed meditations by Abhilasha Mohandas.

Find more details and purchase options here:

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Water Lily

Productivity Tips

From the diary of an IT Project Manager, Consultant and Spiritual Seeker

Learn the art of smart working and make Productivity thy name.

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