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My Story

A glimpse into my journey


My name is Abhilasha Mohandas, or Abi, as most people call me. There have been a few versions of me over my nearly four decades of walking this earth.

Abi v1.0 was spirited, bubbly, clever and creative. Then she got on the treadmill of engineering and a career in IT, stepped up levels with an MBA and a Project Management and Consulting 'specialty', and life was never the same. v2.0 was forever stressed, anxious and alone. So very alone. And perplexed at the world and the way people lived. On the outside, the veneer of confidence, geniality and energy remained. Then, after a series of storms that she refused to let uproot her, the sun finally shone and lit up a path towards yoga. She reconnected with her spiritual and philosophical self, and v2.5 emerged.

Now this version was more rebellious - being so close to the door to a better life, she was too scared to let go of the safety of the familiar and step into the strange unknown. Her inner and outer worlds were increasingly out of sync. And then, it happened.

A higher power took away her sight, so she could really see, for the first time in her life. She could see what life was about and her place in it. It wasn't to reach some top echelon of a big company, but rather, to help others balance their two worlds and GROW in harmony, within and without.

Today, I am living my version 4.0. Yes, it's been a major evolution - see, when you have the kind of insight that I had, you realise what the end game is; it is all about living in goodness and serving others, so that we, as a collective, can root, to rise. While I fully appreciate that the best version of me is still to come, this is how I choose to live today.

In love and light.

Thank you for dropping by. Hope to see you soon on one of the LƬG courses, events or in our 1-1 coaching session. Namaste.

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