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Welcome to Life Ƭools Gurukul: an offering of Inner & Outer Ƭools to create evergreen leaders

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The LƬG Vision

If you had a choice between personal mastery and professional excellence, which would you choose?

At Life Ƭools Gurukul, we make it so you don't have to choose. Our goal is to equip all those who are either at the start of their career journey or at a crossroad, with the right Ƭools to help them accomplish all-round-success and evolve into evergreen leaders. 

Our vision is to ultimately raise the collective awareness and sustainability of humanity by creating more conscious, self-sufficient humans irrespective of their chosen path in life. We want to see our LƬG students or shishyas through to the next phase of their lives as confident, business-savvy, self-aware, self-reliant and stable individuals: CBSSASRS (phonetically “SuPerStARS”) of tomorrow.

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The LƬG Mission

Life Ƭools Gurukul is on a mission to create more well-rounded citizens of tomorrow. To impart fundamental education, so that one may have the right footing in readiness to taking on the world; we are about inculcating wisdom rather than knowledge to help our shishyas GROW.

With our two carefully designed disciplines of Inner Ƭools (to facilitate a reconnection with one's true self) and Outer Ƭools (to hone one's soft, hard and smart skills), we offer unparalleled learning to help one find that sweet balance between their inner and outer worlds. Our commitment is to ourselves and to the future generation - we walk the talk and are passionate about realising our vision.

It has been said that the goal of life is not to possess power but to radiate it. We are here to play our part in turning on your glow. 🌞

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Upcoming Events

  • Thinkety Thot
    Weekly Publication
    #IG straight to your inbox!
    Weekly Publication
    #IG straight to your inbox!
    A little drop of inspiration week by week will one day flow strong as a river.
  • The Perfect Life Recipes: Masterclass Series
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